Mentoring Books

We are Books Writer for Mobilephone technician since 2006, this is why we can add hundred pages of books inside pragmafix, all of this books will give Proper Knowledge for mobilephone repair, from the basic, teorycal to the practical. we give this books in 4 language, Farsi, Indonesia, Eenglish and Hindi.

We are Continue Writing new hundred pages of books every year, for this september 2021 we will give our newest books for Laptop technician, we will guide you to know Laptop mainboard circuit and system, including Macbooks, so you can combine this Knowledge with our Schematics and Bitmap Boardview collection, all of this database will guide you become best technician.

Please check to our collection of books, form the fundamental things, system, chipset knowledge, cpu knowledge, pin distribution, emmc knowledge, how to analyze, how to do measurement adn how to troubleshoot and repair android devices and apple devices.

Please Run Pragmafix software and open tab Mentoring books to find out newest and treasurey collection of our books, FYI this books when it printed we sale it in 10 up to 30 USD for each books series, if you count how many books inside pragmafix, you will count how much money do you save when buy pragmafix.