Cellphone Bitmap Auto Find

We Provide the best collection of Bitmap or PCB file of mobilephone, apple and android device, this kind of pcb files usually made by pcb designer software just like eagle, proteus, altium, cad, protel, and many other. Bassicly engineers make proper design in schematics and then they make the layout, auto routing by the software, manufacture engineers will keep in touch to control how layout of pcb gonabe, it will routing to multilayer pcb, 4 layers or more. In This condition you wouldnot see the line beetween two points / pads if you arent trace it use schematics to find all conected component in that circuit, and then you need to locate the componenet in the layout. Please Note we are team that give first in the world mobilephone type oftenly, we make our bitmap file use protel and converted to special firmat that cannot be use by other bitmap viewer, other can only follow use our tracks oh bitmap, but it will not perfect as we do.

Now you can use our interactive bitmap, you only need to click where ever pads you wanna know, and will make all connected path blinking green and red. both of bottom and top layout of pcb.

The special things inside our Pragmafix bitmap viewer :

1. No need to search and locate all blinking pads, you easily can klik on our Auto FInd button, and will guide you to next componnets related to that pads, it will auto focus use cross bar red line and auto zoom.

2. when you need schematics to know about circuit in that pads, yu can easily click on the show schematics, when in our database have suitable for that bitmap, sorted from text list on bitmap file compare text list on the schematics pdf, proper schematics will be loaded into right window inside pragmafix, and your bitmap and schematics will connected each other