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About us:
We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through disruptive products. We build great products to solve your business problems, our products are designed for small size companies willing to optimize their performance, we deploy online mobile phone technician course and we help our student to give the best services to customer.

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Yongky felaz is the author of various books for cellular telephone technicians, experienced in various training activities, whether independent, privately financed, financed by city, district, provincial or ministry budgets. Pragmafix itself was only established in September 2020 to answer the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, this is a revolutionary step in the field of training / education / cellphone technician courses, Pragmafix is ​​in the form of a CV business entity with AHU permission from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights as a software company, as an online database manager, as a provider of technical education private sector, as a provider of cell phone repair services, as a publisher of books, magazines, videos and various other digital forms of multimedia - compiling all materials and teaching materials themselves, assembling all curricula resulting from nearly 20 years of experience teaching thousands of mobile phone technicians, both for offline training on micromedia hp technician training institutes as well as online training via videos and books at pragmafix, because we want to continue to prioritize the standards that apply in this country and therefore in issuing LPK certificates we can include the competency unit code that has been taught correctly. In addition to the knowledge is a useful, certificates of evidence of having attended SKKNI-based education can also be obtained by all pragmafix users who have taken the exam later.

Yongky felaz is also one of the people who cares about the profession of cellular telephone technician and the recognition of the competence of private technicians from his country, he is currently trusted as one of the drafting teams of the RSKKNI for the cellular telephone industry together with a team from industry coordinated by the Ministry of Industry. At the time this article was written he served as Director of the (LSP) Professional Certification Institute specifically for cellular telephone technicians.

Yongky felaz as the owner and founder of micromedia hptc whose activities are in the field of cell phone repair since 2000, he is a practicing technician in micromedia as well as a teacher at home and abroad for cell phone technician expertise since 2003, There are almost 3000 cell phone technician training alumni from inside and outside the country, there are new batches / classes every month, includes practice materials, official certificates and all other facilities, learn repairs for android devices various brands and platforms also for repairing Apple devices, becoming an Android and iPhone handphone technician is very easy, guided directly by using Pragmafix.